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Frequently asked questions

1. What does it cost becoming a Gourmet at Restolio?

The membership as Gourmet (User) at Restolio is cost-free. You only have to register cost-free as a Gourmet.

2. How do I find the appropriate Restaurant?

Restolio offers you many comfortable search functions so that you can find the appropriate object for yourself in the offer. You can use all search criteria provided by Restolio via the detailed search. If there are no search results displayed of the criteria stated by you it can be useful to enter less search criteria, so that more results can be found for you.

3. What advantages does Restolio offer me?

Restolio offers you as a Gourmet many advantages: As a Gourmet you can comfortably search for your preferred Restaurants. You can send Reservation-Requests to the Restaurants via the portal. The Restaurants you requested are automatically saved for you in an Request cart for a considerable time.

The tools of the portal support you in handling the Reservations with the Restaurants uncomplicated and fast if they use the advantages of Restolio for themselves. If requested, you are regularly informed by mail at Restolio about news and new entrants. As a Gourmet you can save Restaurants that especially appeal to you in a favourites cart. If you visit the portal Restolio once more as a Gourmet and you log in, you can have your last search settings displayed once more to continue the search in this manner.

4. How do I reserve a table in a Restaurant?

In order to reserve a table, you can email the Restaurant-Owners by using the form in the description of the Restaurant. Or just call the Restaurant for a reservation.

5. Does Restolio also send catalogues of the restaurants?

No. Restolio does not send catalogues of the Restaurants.

6. Can I also read reservation-requests I sent to Restaurants directly at Restolio?

No. You can not read reservation-request that you sent to Restaurants directly at Restolio. However, the Restaurants you requested are put directly in your inquiry cart so that you can find them again there, if you are registered as Gourmet at

7. Can I also maintain contact with Restaurants that appealed to me via Restolio?

If you are registered as a Gourmet you can contact the Restaurants via Restolio. In addition, requested Restaurants are automatically put in your inquiry cart so that you can find them again there.

8. Can I use the contact information of Restolio to contact the Restaurants?

No. You have to use the Restaurant contact-information stated in the detailed descriptions of the Restaurant. The contact information of Restolio can not be used for this purpose. The Restolio team can not furnish particulars concerning Restaurants. 

If you find a question here that is not answered, please send us a mail via our contact form or call us. In this case we are pleased to help you. Thank you.