Restolio R

Restolio - Simplicity in action

Restolio is one of the most advanced Systems worldwide to list and manage Restaurants online and to have your own website for your Restaurant, using your own domain.

Restolio is divided into 3 sections:

  1. Restolio Portal
  2. Restolio Management and
  3. RestolioWeb

1. Restolio PORTAL:  Insert Quality and Luxury Restaurants | Full Screen presentation | Up to 70 pictures just per drag-and-drop | 5 languages | Onsite Editing.

2. Restolio MANAGEMENT: A complete Restaurant software platform that does it all | Reservation tool | Email templates | Contact database and much more | Super simple.


3. Restolio WEB: Professional Website for Restaurants | Use your own domain  | No programming necessary  | 5 languages  | Powerful Search  | Branding  | Add Pages  | Html-Editing | Fullsreen-Presentation of your Restaurant.