Restolio R

Services and Benefits

Your benefits at a glance:

Restolio System is divided into 3 sections: 

1. Restolio Portal  2. Restolio Web  3. Restolio Management 

1. Restolio PORTAL

Is a portal for property owners and agencies to make listings and present your Restaurant online.

Presentation: Full screen presentation of your Restaurant on the Internet worldwide.

Pictures: Up to 70 images can be inserted for each object by simply drag-and-drop.

Videos:  Integration of existing videos in all available languages​​ is possible.

Languages:  All Restaurants are displayed in detail in 5 languages. The free texts can be edited for each language.

Modifications: Onsite modification possible, if logged in. But also the way in which you can modify your objects in the admin-area is extremely simple.

SEO: The system has been already optimized. For each object you can freely add a title and description in each language separately to optimize your Restaurant-Insertion for search engines.



2. Restolio MANAGEMENT

Save time and simplify your business with a complete Restaurant software platform that includes: reservation-tool, email templates, contact database and much more.

Object management: You can manage objects easily, enter images by simply drag-and-drop and if you are logged in as an owner, customize your data even in the front end onsite, so in the normal view on the website.

Cockpit: The cockpit is the program that helps you keep track of the data and gives you a possibility to watch your listings in total as a part of your activities and manage them. You have an opportunity to fill a dashboard with all your listings at other portals or in general to organze websites you visit frequently.

Reservation Tool: Every  website includes a reservation tool to insert reserations.

Reviews: If you are registered as a Guest at Restolio, you can leave reviews on Restaurants, you have joined. As a Restaurant-Owner you have an opportunity to comment on these reviews. You can also integrate reviews about your Restaurant, which you have received from other clients before.

E-mail: You have a possibility to write directly to a contact through Restolio-System, if you have integrated your email-account-information properly in advance.

E-mails templates: You can create flexible templates that can be customized with your own messaging system. It can save time with the offered automated management tools.

Inquiries: Inquiries for reservations go straight to Admin Panel. You will receive an email alert in real time so you can respond quickly to clients.

Contact data base: It is possible to fill own database with clients and those interested in the services of the Restaurant. One can add notes about each guest and store important information including contact details to streamline Restaurant marketing.


3. Restolio WEB:

Create an independent brand with a brand-new modern Restaurant website fully integrated with management software and providing spectacular full-screen presentation of your Restaurant.

No need to waste valuable time building a site from the ground-up. We’ve done that for you! No programming necessary.

The navigation structure of Restolio allows for all Restaurant information to be accessed quickly and easily so that prospective guests can easily find the Restaurant and then contact the owners directly. Restolio Web includes beautiful photo galleries where one can add up to 70 photos by simply drag-and-drop and truly showcase a Restaurant in a spectacular mode – full screen. Restolio’s target is to offer very lean, simple and elegant design of the website that will present the Restaurants in the best light.

Fullscreen-Presentation: In case of having pictures of your Restaurant in high resolution, it will be presented in a spectacular way fullscreen on your website.

Page-adding: For your Website you can add seperate pages and edit them in languages to individualize your website according to your preferences.

HTML-Editor: A comfortable HTML-Editor is at your disposition in the description of each Restaurant, for pages you may want to add to your site and for widgets you may want to implement in decriptions.

Branding: You can add your own Logo to your website easily. Furthermore you choose the background- and header-picture of your site and your text on the startsite.

SEO: For each page and presentation site of your Restaurant you can add a title and metadescription in each language indivudually as wished to optimize your website for search engines.

Search: In case of having more Restaurants for your Restaurants only there is a fast search with many search-options integrated already to make it comfortable for visitors to find relevant Restaurants on your website.

Languages: Your website will be available in 5 languages. The start site and free texts of your Restaurant insertion can be edited individually to make your presentation perfect in each language.

Domain:  You can choose your own domain for your website. Restolio gives you a possibility to indivudualize your website freely as wished. There is no programming needed for having your professional presentation of your company and Restaurant.

Widgets: You can add Widgets at your websites and insert them in the presentations of your Restaurant and on the startsite of your website.

Management: Restaurant Management is fully integrated in your website and available for you in the admin-area.