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Maximum 100 new Owners per year.**

Subscriptions include unlimited use of all sections:
Restolio-Portal, Restolio-Web, Restolio-Management. 

Contact us for detailed price information!

Call us on +41 798154906 or write an e-mail at

* The prices for entrepreneurs (Restaurant-Owners) apply without VAT. Beneficiary (Restaurant-Owner) outside of Switzerland has to calculate the VAT from the net amount and possibly pay it to the relevant foreign tax authorities. The beneficiary (Restaurant-Owner) is liable for VAT.

** We test every Restaurant in terms of quality and presentation, and we reserve the right not to list your Restaurant on Restolio to ensure high quality presentation. The selection is in any case subjective. Restolio is intended for Restaurant-Owners of well-maintained quality and luxury Restaurants.

Restaurants should have for at least 7 high quality and sharp images in the size of 1600x1000 pixels, and those who have been accepted for the portal, they will be displayed there in deluxe mode. If there are no sufficient images, the Restaurants are displayed in Classic mode. The minimum requirement for images for the Classic mode is 680x300 pixels. 

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